Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Kings Kaleidoscope pays homage to one of the most prolific musician's in the Bible with their new EP title, Asaph's Arrows. A short glimpse into the expansive song catalog KK has created over the last two years, Asaph's Arrows comprises four songs that have stood out among the rest. These songs are, in short, a quiver full of arrows. They fly straight, they pierce the heart, and they demand a response.
TITLE: Come to the Fount
ARTIST: Kings Kaleidoscope
ALBUM: Asaph's Arrows 

The inspiration for the new single, "Blush", began with a quote. "I read this phrase 'they've forgotten how to blush', and the poetry of it hit me," said Ben, the Band's cellist. "I thought, "Wow. Doesn't that describe the magazine racks in the checkout line?" After he shared the idea with the rest of the group, the Band's lyricist, Robin, with the help of her husband, Bill, crafted a song that married nostalgic images to a modern aesthetic. "Blush questions our culture's cynicism and speaks a timeless truth with powerful relevance," says lead singer Annie. "It's a song that yearns for a return to the beauty and dignity of innocence."
TITLE: Blush
ARTIST: Annie Moses Band
ALBUM: Pilgrims and Prodigals

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