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September Savings Ortega

SeaPak introduces Shrimptacular with instant savings!

SeaPak introduces Shrimptacular with instant savings!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm Putting Up the Flag

TobyMac introduces the newest artist on Gotee Records

TobyMac introduces the newest artist on Gotee Records, Capital Kings, plus the lyric video for the song "I Feel So Alive". Lyric video directed by Josh Fulton. Music produced by Joshua Silverberg & Capital Kings. Mixed by F. Reid Shippen at Robot Lemon and assisted by Erik 'Keller' Jahner. Written by Jonathan White, Cole Walowac, Toby McKeehan. ©2012 Gotee Records

KING & COUNTRY's "The Proof Of Your Love"

"The Proof Of Your Love" (Official Music Video) 


It is HERE! The OFFICIAL "The Proof Of Your Love" music video. Watch it today!

Share a screenshot of your favorite moment in the music video on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #theproofofyourlove.
CLICK HERE to watch.
CLICK HERE to download on iTunes.
CLICK HERE to buy the video and The Proof of Your Love bundle with FREE SHIPPING in the online store.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free download of the week from iTicket

Attention music lovers! Stop by every week to receive a free music download from today's top Christian artists. That's over 50 songs a year that can be yours and yours alone at absolutely no cost! Click below to download and we will also remind you next week via email when we post a new song!
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Kings Kaleidoscope pays homage to one of the most prolific musician's in the Bible with their new EP title, Asaph's Arrows. A short glimpse into the expansive song catalog KK has created over the last two years, Asaph's Arrows comprises four songs that have stood out among the rest. These songs are, in short, a quiver full of arrows. They fly straight, they pierce the heart, and they demand a response.
TITLE: Come to the Fount
ARTIST: Kings Kaleidoscope
ALBUM: Asaph's Arrows 

The inspiration for the new single, "Blush", began with a quote. "I read this phrase 'they've forgotten how to blush', and the poetry of it hit me," said Ben, the Band's cellist. "I thought, "Wow. Doesn't that describe the magazine racks in the checkout line?" After he shared the idea with the rest of the group, the Band's lyricist, Robin, with the help of her husband, Bill, crafted a song that married nostalgic images to a modern aesthetic. "Blush questions our culture's cynicism and speaks a timeless truth with powerful relevance," says lead singer Annie. "It's a song that yearns for a return to the beauty and dignity of innocence."
TITLE: Blush
ARTIST: Annie Moses Band
ALBUM: Pilgrims and Prodigals

Audio Adrenaline | Audio Adrenaline Announces Official Return |

Audio Adrenaline | Audio Adrenaline Announces Official Return |

Amidst the speculation and rumors that have been circulating for weeks, Audio Adrenaline officially announce their return. With the same heart, passion and infectious musical prowess they developed as a band in the 1990’s, multi-GRAMMY® award-winning Audio Adrenaline is indeed back and putting together a new lineup of like-minded musicians with the same common goal; to be the voice for orphans in Haiti and around the world. The Know Hope Foundation, supporters of Audio Adrenaline and Hands & Feet Project, as well as record label Fair Trade Services, have joined them in this renewed mission to fund and market a new record from which net proceeds will go to Hands & Feet Project to continue growth and support of the nearly eight-year-old charity.

The rest of the story  here at

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New Release Tuesday Previews

NRTeam Members have plenty to celebrate as we give you two new albums to listen to before they street next Tuesday, October 2nd. Stomptown Revival's debut EP and Holly Starr's new release are not to be missed. You can listen to both right here all week long.

Into The Light - The New Album - Now In-Stores Everywhere

The NEW ALBUM is NOW available. Here are a few ways that you can get your copy of the album now. We look forward to hearing what you think of the songs. Don't forget to read the stories behind the songs.
Download now @ iTunes or Go to your local music store! 

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What the Bible Is All About Bible Handbook for Kids

What the Bible Is All About Bible Handbook for Kids, based on Dr. Henrietta Mears’ classic Bible handbook, is your kids’ ultimate guide to God’s Word. Inside they’ll find maps, charts, time lines and illustrations that will help them track down the richest treasure of all: God’s plan to save the world! As your kids discover and decode each book of the Bible, God’s Story will take shape and they’ll begin to see Jesus on every page!

Inside, you’ll find:
  • Jesus Connection for every book in the Bible 
  • Background on the writer of each book 
  • Word definitions to help kids understand the Bible’s meaning 
  • Lists of important people so kids know who to watch for as they read 
  • Illustrations, time lines and maps that show when and where key events took place 
  • Summaries for each book that reveal how each part fits with the “big picture” 
  • Information on archaeological discoveries and life in Bible times that gives insights on the world of the Bible
Help Your Kids Unlock the Secrets of Scripture and Discover Jesus in Every Book of the Bible! 20% off Promo code MMNDB2
What the Bible is All About Bible Handbook for Kids
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HearItFirst Download from Jeff Deyo

HearItFirst is so excited to present you with a free download from Jeff Deyo's new album, Moving Mountains. Click here to download the title track now from HearItFirst!

Monday, September 24, 2012

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Free Stuff Downloads | Worship Leader Magazine

Free MP3: September 24, 2012
"Carry the Fire" By Andrew Peterson
As heard on Light for the Lost Boy
Free MP3: September 18, 2012
"Trusting You" By Alex Nifong
As heard on Nothing Is Impossible
Free MP3: September 11, 2012
"Won Me Over" By Freedom House Worship
 As heard on Count You Everything

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